Mac Style in PowerPoint 2007

It was Noli's birthday last June 2, and I decided to create simple greeting. I used his Friendster pic where he was doing a Slash impersonation. I decided to use Powerpoint 2007 and I like the results.

I simply played with the options and I got the reflection effect for the text without any effort. It simply looks like the Mac. Who can blame Apple, there is no patent for the text effect.

Finally, I got Noli's Friendster picture and I applied some photo correction in Photoshop for the picture to look brighter, and Powepoint 2007 did the rest when it came to the Mac-like white border, as if the picture came out of a Polaroid; the tilted angle and its corresponding shadows.

As Picasso would say,

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."

Microsoft simply don't know where Apples' sources are when it comes to product and design innovation.


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