Kriminal Modus Operandi

"Kriminal Modus Operandi 001" | CC BY

Creativity comes from a lack of resources. The best example is Kriminal Modus Operandi. This is a series of clips in Youtube featuring scams of Filipino gangs in committing crimes.

Police Superintendent Gilbert Cruz of Makati police has a great concept in educating Filipinos in preventing the citizenry to get fooled with these scams. By placing the videos of Youtube, they have used at an alternative avenue in educating the public without placing them in the television. If these videos are good, they will eventually be placed in the television anyway. I commend them for doing this great public service message.

The video shown below is called the Ativan gang. Even if you don't understand the dialog, the message is very clear. For more other videos including traditional Filipino crimes, not that I'm bragging of Filipinos' craftiness, go to

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