Apple Safari on Windows

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, held the a keynote speech in the Apple Developer conference. The most awaited product that was launched today was the iPhone. Usually, when Steve Jobs does his keynotes, he offers glimpses of other products. When he says his magic words, "One More Thing...", expect that he'll pull out something new.

One of the unexpected products he pulled out of his magical hat is a free version Apple Safari on Windows. It is currently in Public Beta 3, which means that is Apple has released a functional but unfinished version. Apple Safari is Apple's built-in web browser, which is similar to Microsoft's Internet Explorer for Windows.

Jobs has made claims that is loads web pages faster and opens faster than the open-source Firefox and Internet Explorer. That is a very significant claim that they are making and they would want peope to use Safari over the other browsers.

I have installed Safari on my laptop and I can say that I'm impressed with the interface. That is a cliche' for Apple applications but it's a refreshing look for a browser. It's memory usage is also as big as Firefox but I can attest to it's speed when loading web pages. I will stick to Firefox because it is open source.

The greatest impact of this browser will benefit the Apple users. Why? The biggest problem when Apple users surf the internet is because some web pages don't look good in their systems. Web page designers don't need to buy a Mac to test their website designs. I will keep my Safari installed on my system to check if my sites look good on Macs.

To try Apple Safari on Windows go to:

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