Bernard and Mavic Quero's Wedding Preparations

I finally got to make it in time for the bride and grooms' preparations. I had a positive experience with the Pre-Nuptial session I had with them and was looking forward to this event since I gone through the ceremony from the beginning and the end. An observation I made is that the official photographer had a companion with him for the video and lighting and was also armed with a Nikon D40.

Bernard and Mavic Quero's Unofficial Pre-Nuptial Pictorial

My first Pre-Nuptial Pictorial provided a lot of challenges for me and the couple. To start with, the weather was not cooperating. When I was about to arrive in Los Banos at around 1pm, it was raining and I was thinking to myself, "How in the world am I going to shoot in this weather?".

Gamboa-Cawagas Wedding Reception

I was so excited to cover the whole wedding with my Nikon D40. As the title implies, I missed the ceremony. I was fortunate to cover the reception. A major lesson was learnt here for an aspiring professional photographer. Do not be late for the wedding! An unforseen long weeked made the trip to Laguna a nightmare.

Sam and Gie Arriola's Wedding

The Christmas season of 2007 is a special season for Sam and Gie Arriola, as they exchanged their vows in a simple and intimate wedding ceremony at Villa Renina, Binan, Laguna. Amidst the Christmas parties and the last day of the work week, people sacrificed their afternoon to witness the event.

Lester and Jane Ordan's Wedding

Finally Lester and Jane got married! This is the first wedding that my munchkin has attended, last June 30, 2007. The wedding was held in Ayala Greenfield Estates, which boasts a great overlooking view of Calamba, Laguna.