Sonya's Garden: A Tagaytay Secret that is Hard to Keep

Hidden somewhere in the Tagaytay area, Sonya's Garden is a different experience that you must try. It's not accessible by public transport so it has a hint of exclusivity to those who have their own cars. To add to the different experience, you are first served with a buffet salad. As I was eating the salad I was surprised and I asked my mom, "Is that a rose petal that I see in my salad?" Organic rose petals are edible and it provides a different taste. We were also served freshly baked bread with different spreads like pesto and mushroom pate'.

Tagaytay Balikbayan Day Tour

My family and I celebrated my 28th birthday with the mother-daughter tandem of Lily Cruz and Liz Goldenberg. It's great that Lily and Liz made the Philippines their point of rendezvous. Liz has been out and about around the world having been to England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and Morocco. I believe that those were the countries I remembered and I needed to check her Facebook account to see the places she has been to.