20 Wins: 2007-2008 Remix

Two years ago, I wrote an article to assess the performance of the Spurs after twenty victories. Two years later, they got twenty wins again before the year ends. Last time, I got it right on the money and correctly predicted that they won 63 games. Their championship run ended with a loss to Dallas. Dallas failed to seize the opportunity and lost to Miami after leading 2-0.

20 Wins

This entry would have been entered much earlier, but I guess I had a lot of other things to express that were closer to home.

I'm very happy of how San Antonio Spurs are performing. Continuing at the rate they are performing, they are bound for 63 wins. I'm expecting them to notch up at least 55 games and their have a very huge margin of error at the moment.

Spur Dynasty

Michael Finley's decision to join the Spurs is the icing on the cake for them to win back-to-back NBA championships. Imagine, a bench that consists of Horry, Oberto, Barry, Van Exel, and Finley. Scary... because Parker and Ginobili have not yet showed their full potential.

San Antonio Spurs - 2004-05 NBA Champions

It's really great that the Spurs have finally won. After Derek Fisher's 0.6 second-buzzer beater last year, I was pretty determined that the Spurs will win the next time around. The Brent Barry joined the team, with mid-season acquisitions of Nazr Mohammed and Glenn Robinson bolstered their bench. Then there was the two ankle injuries of Tim Duncan that made me doubt if they could go all the way.

Why the Spurs Will Win

This is a bold statement, but you know that I love how San Antonio Spurs work as a team. Here are some reasons why:

  • How in the world does the team's top scorer come of the bench. Ginobili leads the team in scoring. You've got to love how Manu has taken that role as a sixth man. I love how a player accepts his role for a team victory, even though he has a right to be a starter. I remember the times when David Robinson gave up his role as main scorer and gave the task to Tim Duncan