jun ji hyun

She's All Mine!

After the abysmal box office performance of the Tagalog version, I'm happy to say that "My Sassy Girl" is all mine to savor as the best movie ever!
I never watched it in the cinema. I was content with the English subtitles. Thank God for subtitles!
My Sassy Girl rules! :D

The Search for Zeta-Jones Jr.

I was asked in a group discussion which foreign female actress I liked. After hearing the answers from the others, I simply mentioned the first actress I had on my mind.
Without hesitation, I would answer Catherine Zeta-Jones. Just look at her... She's definitely lives up to the title of "silver screen goddess". It's simply her face and her long black hair. It's basically the classic beauty she has been endowed with. Comparing my answer to the others, my choice would definitely be the mom of all of the other choices of the other guys. For crying out loud, she's 36 years old. No offense to Catherine, but for me that answer is a cause for concern.

Better Than "My Sassy Girl"?

Someone presented to me a movie that claims to be better than the Korean romantic-comedy that I've been madly raving about, entitled "My Sassy Girl". I know that nothing hasn't beaten it yet, but I had to check it out...

"My Sassy Girl" - Tagalog Version

Drifting away from all the angst I've muttered in the last post, I'd like to recommend a movie, just to lighten up my mood. It's very rare that I recommend a movie, especially if I have personally deprived myself of Titanic, Star Wars 1 - 6, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Spiderman 1 and 2, and the like. It's a Korean movie that has been dubbed in Tagalog, entitled, "My Sassy Girl". I predict that it'll be a hit.