destiny makati

Baby Reign Janille Cacela

August 1, 2009 was a day that people remembered a national treasure, but for Nilo and Jas Cacela, this day is a day they will never forget. Hours after Cory Aquino passed away at 3:18 in Makati Medical Center, Reign Janille Cacela was born in St Luke's Medical Center. I got to visit them the next day and I was very fortunate that Reign Janille was already out of the nursery. During my stay she was very quiet and still.

The Scary Faces of Destiny Makati Young Professionals

Let's just say these people lost their dignity somewhere along the expressway during their trip to Rizal Recreation Center. These people certainly let their hair down... way, way underground. We all had fun in this ice breaker to prepare us in the actual retreat.

Destiny Makati Youth Encounter 2009

This event was held from May 30 to 31 at Alabang. Mars surprised me days before this event that there will be a youth encounter to be held in Alabang. It was a timely for the students to get their minds in focus in preparation for the coming school year. I'm sure those who attended are looking forward to the Encounter God Retreat this August.

Destiny Alabang Encounter God Retreat 2008

The first Destiny Alabang Encounter God Retreat (EGR) was held at South Gate Building in Madrigal Business Park from May 1 to May 4, 2008 and was one of the first church events I covered with my Nikon D40. This retreat is memorable since it led to the growth of Destiny Cavite, Binan and Makati.

Destiny Makati 1st Anniversary

It was a early Sunday morning of March 1, 2009 for me as I prepared for praise and worship for Destiny Makati's first anniversary. The venue was ironically held in Pateros, but the favor from the people of Grand Villa Resort was given to us. The venue was a great one. The resort was one jeepney ride away from Guadalupe, Makati.