Julie Anne Rapusas: 2008 Endeavour Postgraduate Award Winner

It's with great pride to announce to the world that my sister has won a scholarship in Australia. She is one of the 94 chosen around the world to win the Endeavour Postgraduate Awards for 2008. She will be taking her Masters in the University of New South Wales, where our dad finished his Masters and PhD.

School Days - Prelude - Elementary

I just couldn't resist to place another entry.

What was very interesting during this phase is that I got a taste of education from different worlds, namely:

  • a Philippine Catholic school (Lourdes School of Mandaluyong);

  • an Australian Public school (Randwick School); and

  • an Australian Catholic school (St Brigid's).

Seeking for Greener Pastures

I have been blessed with a childhood, having experienced it in the land down under. It has given me the confidence (and overconfidence) for me to have a positive outlook in life. After all, I have tasted the "relative" utopia, that is called Australia, "The Great South Land".
Sometimes, I feel despair whenever I hear the news here at my homeland that the taxes will be fully implemented, the prices for basic commodities go up, the president apologizes for not admitting the truth. Honestly, I just cover the despair with indifference and try to go on with life.