Video Conference Training

This is another one of these experiences that I didn't dream of before. Video conefence training is an example of how the world is becoming smaller. As Thomas Friedman would say it the technologies, like the Internet and fiber optics that serves as the foundation for video conferencing, makes the world flatter.

Training on Regional Economic and Financial Monitoring

When I graduated from college, I never imagined I was going to be training in an environment like this. You have LCD laptops, projector, foreign participants, and a world-class auditorium. It is light years away from the chalk, blackboard, undergraduates and an arcane wooden classroom that was available from my alma mater, where I wanted to start my teaching profession. That is why I call myself a trainer and not a teacher.

Lunch Break Nap

Here I am taking a nap during lunch. Thirty minutes is needed to recharge myself for the last four hours of my work day.

Gift Appreciation

After you come back from a leave, you are expected to bring gifts to your workmates. After all, they did cover for you in some way. It is challenging to find gifts for them. I'm not the person who brings something like a fridge magnet or a key chain. I want something unique from the place that I came from.

Goodbye, Ton Areopagita

After nine years of service, Ernesto "Ton" Areopagita has left the Informatics team of Asian Development Bank (ADB) . I must say that nine years in Informatics is an achievement itself. I cannot imagine staying in a division or a work area for nine years. I will get bored to death with a constant like that.

ADB One Year Anniversary

I am very grateful to celebrate my first year anniversary of being an I.T. Training Consultant at Asian Development Bank. This has been the greatest consolation that my former boss has given after he left the Philippines.