Why the Spurs Will Win

This is a bold statement, but you know that I love how San Antonio Spurs work as a team. Here are some reasons why:

  • How in the world does the team's top scorer come of the bench. Ginobili leads the team in scoring. You've got to love how Manu has taken that role as a sixth man. I love how a player accepts his role for a team victory, even though he has a right to be a starter. I remember the times when David Robinson gave up his role as main scorer and gave the task to Tim Duncan
  • The injury to Suns' Joe Johnson is a blow to the Suns' title. Already sporting a thin bench, the Phoenix Suns will make key adjustments, like sliding Jim Jackson to the starting slot. Also add their first taste of post season defeat will suddenly force Nash and Company to fill the void left by Johnson

  • Squabbling ain't going to help Dallas. A team that blames each other's teammates and win against Phoenix goes to show the untapped potential they have in working as a team. They need a lesson in teamwork from San Antonio, if they ever get a chance to. After the Houston series, there are doubts if Dallas can win at home.
  • A star-player whining because of a dirty 30 year-old role player ain't a good excuse. Bruce Bowen is right in saying that Michael Jordan never complained about how Craig Ehlo or John Starks defended him.
  • Shaq has been unimpressive in the playoffs so far. Can Shaq only reveal his real game once he faces Detroit or Indiana? San Antonio faced one heck of a seventh seed. It's good that San Antonio had a taste of defeat. I will serve as a reminder that it ain't over till the fat lady sings. Shaq will only bring his true colors against Detroit. It may be too late for him to show it in the Finals 'coz they're not in it. If Detroit defeated L.A. with Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton, how much more the Heat!
  • I do wish the Pacers and the Pistons go the distance. I guess it's an empty wish 'coz I remember that Pistons won 3 consecutive road games to clinch the title against L.A. Hope they tire the hell out of each other and face the well-rested Heat for the Eastern Conference title. I wonder how in the world Jeff Foster got 10 offensive rebounds against the tough Piston frontline in Game 2. When it comes to rivalries, you'd better throw out all the weaknesses of both of these teams.

For the Spurs to win, here are the keys to victory:

  • Tim Duncan must play his usual self
  • Manu Ginobili must continue to bring his energy of the bench
  • Parker must continue to be a scoring threat
  • At least Horry, Robinson, or Barry step up as a fourth scorer
  • Beno Udrih must play solid backup minutes
  • Mohammed must focus on defense