Spur Dynasty

Michael Finley's decision to join the Spurs is the icing on the cake for them to win back-to-back NBA championships. Imagine, a bench that consists of Horry, Oberto, Barry, Van Exel, and Finley. Scary... because Parker and Ginobili have not yet showed their full potential.

Finley knows that he'll replace Bowen and Ginobili on the bench. I guess Finley knows that Popovich will let Ginobili be the the first man on the bench, so players like Finley and Barry must trust their coach to give them their roles for victory. Nick Van Exel has taken the role as sixth man also when Dallas reached the playoffs. He and Brent Barry can back up Tony Parker.

San Antonio now has a high potent team with many scorers. Its Coach Popovich's responsibility to make this gel into a cohesive unit. Also, people take for granted the signing of assistant coach Chip Engelland to help them improve their shooting.

Given that the key players don't get injured, I expect them to coast their way to their second championship. Forget the Suns, Wolves, Heat, Pistons, and Pacers. GO SPURS! SPURS ALL THE WAY AGAIN!