20 Wins: 2007-2008 Remix

Two years ago, I wrote an article to assess the performance of the Spurs after twenty victories. Two years later, they got twenty wins again before the year ends. Last time, I got it right on the money and correctly predicted that they won 63 games. Their championship run ended with a loss to Dallas. Dallas failed to seize the opportunity and lost to Miami after leading 2-0.

Assuming they maintain their pace, they are bound to win 60 games for this season. As usual, there are the minor injuries to Duncan, Parker, Ginobili and Brent Barry. When they lost Tim Duncan for four games, they upset Dallas and Utah with a pair of 37 point outbursts from Manu Ginobli but lost to Golden State and L.A. Lakers after those big wins.

The seven losses are the following:

  • At Houston by 8
  • At Dallas by 13
  • At Sacramento by 13 - First game of Beno Udrih against the Spurs and the only loss from the second game of a back-to-back schedule
  • At Golden State by 12 - Duncan didn't play
  • At L.A. Lakers by 5 - Duncan didn't play
  • Versus Phoenix by 5 - First loss at home and Parker didn't play
  • At Memphis by 3 - Parker didn't play

When Duncan or Parker don't play, they experienced back-to-back losses. Despite the injuries, San Antonio still leads the Western Conference but are trailing Detroit and the surprising Boston Celtics.

Aside from the Spurs, the teams currently over 61% are (Spurs losses from the team denoted in parentheses):

  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • Orlando
  • New Orleans
  • Dallas (1 loss)
  • Phoenix (1 loss)
  • L.A. Lakers (1 loss)

So it seems that the Spurs are performing consistently, which sounds like a bore for many. The usual thing to watch out for are injuries. When Tony, Tim and Manu are playing together you'd better watch out.

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