20 Wins

This entry would have been entered much earlier, but I guess I had a lot of other things to express that were closer to home.

I'm very happy of how San Antonio Spurs are performing. Continuing at the rate they are performing, they are bound for 63 wins. I'm expecting them to notch up at least 55 games and their have a very huge margin of error at the moment.

Looking back at the last season, the western conference teams that won at least 50 games were: Phoenix (62), San Antonio (59), Dallas (58), Seattle (52), Houston (51) and Sacramento (50). That's 61% of the games they have won. Currently, the western conference teams that have won 61% as of December 23 are: San Antonio (76.9%), Dallas (73.1%), Phoenix (62.5%) and Memphis (62.5%). That justifies the 55 games target. Only Dallas and Phoenix seem to consistently challenge for the western conference supremacy, but would need more wins if Detroit or Miami would get good records for the home court advantage for the the whole playoffs.

My assessment for the Spurs is that their performance is good, but definitely not excellent. Manu Ginobili is currently injured and I wish he suits up in the Christmas day Finals rematch against the Detroit Pistons, to stake claim on who's really the one to beat in the NBA.

Tony Parker is performing excellently. His 20.1 points, 6.5 assists, 4.1 rebounds and 54.1% field goal percentage amazes me. Currently Parker and Duncan form a potent 1-2 punch while Ginobili recovers. Michael Finley is doing well in his role whether he starts or not.

Van Exel, Horry, Barry, and Udrih have not really shone yet. They should be showing some glimpses of excellence especially if Ginobili is injured, since someone has to spell Finley when he needs a breather.

The teams that the Spurs lost to are: Dallas by 19, Washington by 15, Chicago by 7, Atlanta by 10, New Orleans by 13, and Milwakuee by 2. The lone home loss came from Chicago and the first four losses sans Chicago were always from the second game of a back-to-back schedule.

Comparing the Detroit Pistons, they lost to: Dallas by 37, Washington by 6, and Utah by 14. The Utah and Dallas loss was the second game of their back-to-back schedule. Why compare with Detroit? They are San Antonio's biggest threat. So I'll watch their Dec. 25 and Jan. 12 match up. I'm also watching their match up against Miami on Jan. 20.

Significant wins for the Spurs were against Houston, Phoenix (without Stoudemire), Cleveland, Dallas (road win), Miami (without Shaq), L.A. Clippers, Minnesota (road win), and Sacramento.

This is still very early in the season, but we can peek more into the playoffs once we reach the months of February and March. I can easily find out their chances on how quickly San Antonio reaches 40 wins.

All I can say is Manu, hope you recover well and Tim, just be careful with you ankles OK... Go Spurs!!