Roadside Coconut Shop

While my family and I were going to Tagaytay City, we stopped over in Silang, Cavite and we spotted a roadside coconut shop. Philippines is blessed with lots of coconuts. The biggest proof of that is that coconut pies are much more popular than apple pies. These coconut pies are usually sold in southern Tagalog provinces like Cavite, Batangas and Los Banos. Philippine fruit salads are normally contain coconuts with cream.

When you think of coconuts, you think of lying under the tropical shade of palm trees, slouching on a chair with a wonderful view of the beach. In the Philippines, you can buy them along the national roads. In Silang, Cavite it goes against the normal stereotype because you have the cool breeze and the passing vehicles. For a low, low price of ten Philippine Pesos or twenty American cents you can have a sip of coconut without spending a lot to go to a tropical paradise.


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