Coron, Palawan 2008: Day 0

I never thought I would come back and visit Coron, Palawan almost a year later. Pictures from my November 2006 visit reminded me on how beautiful it was. With the previous weekend getaway experience under my belt, I became the tour guide for my grandmother, aunt and her boyfriend.

The planning started during the Christmas season of 2007. Initially, the plan was I join them in a trip to Sagada and Baguio, but they decided to have a trip to Coron instead. We took a reservation in the Seadive Resort, the resort that we stayed at with my mom. We had a dilemma if my aunt's boyfriend would be in the Philippines in time for the trip, so the reservation for the Superferry trip to Coron was put on hold.

Fortunately, my aunt's boyfriend arrived and the Coron trip was confirmed. We were trying to get a cabin, but due to availability, we only got Tourist class tickets. The Seadive reservations were confirmed but my contact Majika Palanca, who helped us in setting up the trip last time, couldn't be contacted. I would just need to see her there see what happens.

We arrived at the Manila South Port, which is behind Manila Hotel, on Friday afternoon at around 3pm. There were no problems during the security checks and there was no line because we let the other passengers board the ship earlier. We didn't follow the rule that we must arrive the port four hours before the slated boarding time of 4:45pm.

When we boarded the ship named "Our Lady of Good Voyage", I was surprised to find out that the tourist class was an air-conditioned open area. The last time we went to Coron, my mom and I only had to worry about the other two occupants in the cabin room for four. It was difficult to consider the fact that there was a low ceiling clearance if you slept at the top bunk in tourist class and you had your luggage as your teddy bear during your sleep to prevent baggage theft while you are asleep. This might not be the good start that I was hoping for.

My aunt immediately looked for options to upgrade to a cabin room and we were so fortunate to get a cabin for the four of us. What a huge relief that was that you can go in and out of the cabin without worrying about your stuff and you could go outside and look at the view. The cabin we had was so much better than before because we had our own toilet. We were really ecstatic that we got a cabin! Staying in the cabin was so enjoyable to the point that we wished that we could have a cabin coming back home.

It's a great start for the trip but my only concern was my contact in Coron. If my contact was not there, then we might not get a fair deal for boat rentals for the two days. Thirteen hours and a good, and peaceful nights' sleep would make me worry about it for another day. Coron here we come!


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