Bernard and Mavic Quero's Unofficial Pre-Nuptial Pictorial

My first Pre-Nuptial Pictorial provided a lot of challenges for me and the couple. To start with, the weather was not cooperating. When I was about to arrive in Los Banos at around 1pm, it was raining and I was thinking to myself, "How in the world am I going to shoot in this weather?".

Bernard and I were waiting for Mavic, who was in the salon way before lunch. We were very fortunate that the rain stopped. Mavic's appointment seemed to be an eternity and we were running out of time. I wanted to be out in the UPLB campus during the sunset so we would have dramatic lighting.

To add to the already challenging circumstances, we did not have transportation to go around the campus. Bernard was trying to borrow a car from his friends but they couldn't provide any. As a last resort I suggested we borrow a friend's jeepney. While we were waiting for the jeepney to arrive, we took some practice shots. As you will look through the pictures, the jeepney was a very good props for one of the pics. Since Bernard and Mavic both studied in UPLB, the jeep with the UP College sign at the outside was a very cool picture. That image was used in one of their videos during the reception.

Other interesting pictures was with the manger scene and with the UP Centennial logo. Their wedding fell on December and the 2008 UP Centennial Year. Given my documentary style when taking these pictures I want my sets to reveal the context of the occasion. I pay attention to these details to make the images more memorable.

Having taken these shots at least two months ago, I still remember that day. Things would have gotten worse but I'm happy that I got to pull it off and I made the best of the circumstances and situation.


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