The Real 2K11 Basketball Experience

Instead of the usual Friday night where I chill out at home, I spent my time playing basketball with my office mates in Dumlao Gym in Mandaluyong City last January 21, 2011. Dumlao Gym is an old gym with its glory days preserved in displays filled with cobwebs. A great thing about the gym is that the flooring seems to be wooden. I forgot the last time I did play basketball. Five years would be a conservative guess.

Knowing my limitations, I know that I wouldn't have the endurance or stamina to last the game. If I could only translate 10% of NBA 2K11 basketball PC game skills to my game, it would go a long, long way. When the teams were formed, I was surprised that my teammates wanted me to be the point guard. I totally have poor ball handling skills. If there was a full-court press defense, I would panic and certainly turn the ball over. With the weight I was carrying around I really didn't want to jump that much. During the latter stages I was the only one going down court to defend the fast break.

I did try to post up and I did manage to score one bucket. I had my face behind the basket and I suddenly turned to the right. When I noticed no one was in the way to the basket I managed to rush a floater to prevent any block attempts. I was happy with that shot to fall. For the rest of the game, I was keeping people out of the key by putting my body on them. At least it deterred people from staying in the key to snatch some offensive boards.

I actually feel more effective when defending. After all, my body type is well suited for American Football running backs. I can't jump high, so I managed to displace people out of positions with my weight. Mentally, I was observing who was their strongest opponent and try to get them out of their comfort zone. It's the typical cerebral me, trying to out-smart my opponents. My office mates where joking after wards that I was guarding everyone in the team. I was simply changing it up and protecting the shaded lane, which for me was my area of responsibility.

My Adidas attire and Pocari Sweat was my only consolation. If I couldn't flaunt people with my play, at least I look good trying to. The Pocari Sweat certainly refreshed me throughout the game and I didn't feel any hint of cramps. No one lost because as time expired, we were still in a deadlock, so everyone wins. I do wish we get to change teammates so each team has a point guard to have an enjoyable game.

Will I do this again? I'm open to it, but I prefer playing badminton instead.


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