Goodbye, Ton Areopagita

After nine years of service, Ernesto "Ton" Areopagita has left the Informatics team of Asian Development Bank (ADB) . I must say that nine years in Informatics is an achievement itself. I cannot imagine staying in a division or a work area for nine years. I will get bored to death with a constant like that.

I would think that after nine years at ADB as an I.T. Training Consultant, he has gotten very comfortable with the work environment and felt the need for change. I see that it is a job that is hard to leave with a great environment that ADB offers.

It was a great gesture by BPHR - Learning & Development team to have a farewell party, held last July 27, even though it is not a custom in ADB to have a farewell party for consultants. It goes to show how they appreciate the service he has rendered to BPHR.

Once again Ton, I wish you all the best to your career change and thanks for being instrumental in getting me in ADB as a consultant.


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Note: Jon's Translation in bold 

Nakakalungkot! Wala ako! Hindi mo tuloy naalala mga pang-aaway ko sayo. hehehe. Hay naku, ang dami pang food ang saya saya!

Sad! I'm not there! Because of that you didn't remember that we fought. There's a lot of food and it was very happy!

Anyway, Thank you Ton for all the things you helped me and made me learn.

Kundi dahil sayo, di ako nakaranas mag-MOS! hehehe.

If not for you, I couldn't have experienced taking the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

Mamimiss talaga kita (As if nauna ka sakin umalis) hehehe. Di bale, magreunion tayo sa December sa kasal ko! Tadyakan kita pag di ka pumunta!

I will really miss you (as if you left before I did). Don't worry, we will reunite again this December for my wedding! I'll kick you if you don't come!

Haaaaaaaaay, we will all miss you for sure.

Kahit na lagi tayo nagaaway dati. hehehe. pero it doesn't mean that we're not good friends. Aywabyu Ton! Mwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Even though we always fought before. But it doesn't mean we're not good friends. I love you Ton!

Oi, Jon! I-approve mo to ha! hehe.

Hey Jon! Approve this! 

It will be a happy reunion for sure...

You will also miss Ton's lunchtime treat. Even though he has left, he will still treat the team! Yehey! 

Here you go! I approved your post complete with translation. We have a world wide audience in this site. :D

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, at least I captured the moments. 

Thanks for your message to Ton. 

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