Baby Reign Janille Cacela

August 1, 2009 was a day that people remembered a national treasure, but for Nilo and Jas Cacela, this day is a day they will never forget. Hours after Cory Aquino passed away at 3:18 in Makati Medical Center, Reign Janille Cacela was born in St Luke's Medical Center. I got to visit them the next day and I was very fortunate that Reign Janille was already out of the nursery. During my stay she was very quiet and still.

The classic question everyone will ask is who does Reign Janille look like? I'm not very good at describing and comparing facial features, but I did get to take pictures so you can discern it for yourselves.


"Baby Reign Janille Cacela 002" | CC BY


hi reign this is ur cousin ur so cccccuuuuteee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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