Gamboa-Cawagas Wedding Reception

I was so excited to cover the whole wedding with my Nikon D40. As the title implies, I missed the ceremony. I was fortunate to cover the reception. A major lesson was learnt here for an aspiring professional photographer. Do not be late for the wedding! An unforseen long weeked made the trip to Laguna a nightmare.

It's always a pleasure to cover weddings. I'm sure Josh and Ann Jane Gamboa know what my present is. It's a lot of printed images. For me it's more than images. They are moments frozen for their lifetimes.

I'm amazed on how the images looked. The white tent cover diffused the light so well. You wouldn't have thought that it was raining that day. The camera also captures those funny moments. Just have a look and enjoy.

Congratulations to Josh and Ann Jane Gamboa!  


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Congratulations on your wedding!

I bumped into this site and I saw that you have the same last name as mine. Now, I'm just wondering how we're related. Are you from Guimba?

You can add me in facebook if you like to know more about me.


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