Sonya's Garden: A Tagaytay Secret that is Hard to Keep

Hidden somewhere in the Tagaytay area, Sonya's Garden is a different experience that you must try. It's not accessible by public transport so it has a hint of exclusivity to those who have their own cars. To add to the different experience, you are first served with a buffet salad. As I was eating the salad I was surprised and I asked my mom, "Is that a rose petal that I see in my salad?" Organic rose petals are edible and it provides a different taste. We were also served freshly baked bread with different spreads like pesto and mushroom pate'. To add to the healthy appetizer we were served fresh dalandan juice. I was happy to munch the leafy greens since there was no guilt. You had the freedom to select the ingredients for your salad like pineapple, mango, jackfruit, beans, cucumber and egg. I just love the sit-down buffet style, you don't need to stand up to go to the food.

The much awaited pasta was served. The serving fork used for getting pasta is a novel idea. It's like a huge-toothed comb. The sauces are sun-dried tomato and a white chicken sauce. The sun-dried tomato is a different experience, but I prefer the standard tomato sauce consistency. You also had the choice of adding ingredients like salmon, olives and shitake mushroom.

We ended with dessert and I ate their chocolate cake, turon, and caramelized kamote. It was adequate but not really spectacular. The tarragon tea provides a very distinct touch of class. You literally have a tarragon leaves in your tea and it is very refreshing. I ended with an after-meal mint. No, its not mint chocolate. I literally ate mint leaves and I could say it beats any chewing gum. I was so full but I was really glad about the meal. I would like to stress that I ate their set menu. Their set menu really exceeded my expectations and I would love to go back.

I've said a lot and just have a look at their great rooms. For more details on Sonya's Garden, visit their site at


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can you please send me your map location by email?

Best regards,

Ericsson Santos

Hi Ericsson,

Thanks for visiting my site. I have discovered you are interested in a salad that contains rose petals. You must have mistaken my site as the official site of Sonya's Garden. Their official site is at In their FAQ they provide directions to their place and it is located at



Hi, would like to ask if you know to get to Sonya's garden by public transporatation?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Nelza,

Thanks for your interest. I honestly have no idea how to commute to that place. It would be great if the management of Sonya's Garden adds the directions to their wonderful place using public transport on their site.



It looks like the perfect romantic escape. I hope I find my way there some day. Are those Long Stem Roses in the pictures? A view and good food too, what more can you expect?

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