Staying in Tune: My 28th Year

What do you usually see in my hand? Most likely you will see me with a computer keyboard. There are times you will see me with my camera or a guitar. When I commute, expect me to listen to my iPod. My workmates usually see me with my badminton racket after work. I expect that they are working properly in order for me to perform and succeed.

My theme for this 28th year is to stay tuned. The first thing that a master guitarist does before playing a guitar is that the guitar is tuned. I want my Master to play a masterpiece through me. I want to be used by my Master. I want to be tuned and I know it will require stretching. It may also require a change of strings.

God has blessed me in my 27th year and I know that He will continue to guide me through my 28th. He is my master and I know that He is tuning me even more. I will know when I'm hearing His masterpiece through me.


i see you usually with your cam


You are the only person I know that can make a masterpiece website and at the same time passionately play the guitar and sing; and who can ever forget the levitation (those jumps and fall) shots.

Enjoy your 28th year bro with singing and playing HIS songs. Let the heavens sing, the lower parts of the earth shout and the mountains and the forest and the trees in it sing with you for HIS glory. Isang sample naman at paki-post dito as MTV.

May HIS presence be with you always bro! Like Moses, you will not be satisfied with angels but you will only go if HIS presence is with you. GO bro for a more fruitful you!
God bless you through and through.

Hi Bro, I pray that God will give you the desires of your heart. May He guide you in every decision you make. Allan and I are honored to be your friend. Blessings!

hi jon... its so great that you have all your goals set... will pray that He indeed use you mightily... thank you for helping me through the bad bump in my life... happy birthday.

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