Destiny Makati Youth Encounter 2009

This event was held from May 30 to 31 at Alabang. Mars surprised me days before this event that there will be a youth encounter to be held in Alabang. It was a timely for the students to get their minds in focus in preparation for the coming school year. I'm sure those who attended are looking forward to the Encounter God Retreat this August.


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hi kuya jorap i would like to have od those pics hmm. pano po? heheh thanks alot to DESTINY family. god bless! i am really looking forward for the next camp :)

Via, it looks like I will see you in the next camp taking more pictures. Here's a link of all the pictures at Please bear with me since the pictures are in grayscale. It has a more nostalgic and memorable feel to it.

kuya jorap pano macocopy yung mga pix?

Hi Harvey.

It's tough to get the pictures because I put it in a slideshow. You need to know how to view the source code and HTML. I provided this link ( where you can get all the pictures. The only caveat is that the pictures are in grayscale.

weeh.. ang ganda ng pics!!!! hats-of to kuya jon!!:)

Yes Mars they are beautiful pictures... You singing with your purple musical T-shirt caught my attention...

late tlaga aq mareact hehe peo thnkz poh ganda ng mga pictures sarap mgreminisce.Youth Encounter with u guys super laking help spiritually skin thnkz alot.GBU

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