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Philippine Blog Explosion

Since yesterday, seven of my first degree Friendster friends have announced that they have blogs. I hope I get to see some blog entries in them. Is this be the sign of the mainstream Philippine blog explosion? This is the second wave of innovations that Friendster has launched to lure more registrations. My friends have properly configured their blogs, so they only lack the momentum to start writing an entry.

The Abundant Life

This article is from the Alabang Life Club Newsletter, celebrating its first anniversary of His faithfulness

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly"
John 10:10

This verse from Jesus may seem so simple, but it reveals a story for all the ages, from the beginning to eternity. Focusing on the second part of the verse, we see the reason why Jesus came to the earth. If Jesus did not come to the earth, we would be dead. Some of us would be startled with the former sentence since we are alive right now and we are breathing.

"I Did My Best"

A famous artist named Andy Warhol once said that everyone would have their 15 minutes of fame. I would like to add to his statement. Everyone would have their 15 minutes of fame, if they wanted to!

Quote of the Day

"Youth is the one thing you appreciate more...
the more you depreciate with age!"

- Tom Wilson

Christmas Revisited

The so-called Christmas "spirit" is alive and kicking. The lights are out in display. People are emptying the ATMs in the malls. I must warn many people that the true Christmas "spirit" has been diluted.

Friendster Fever

I must confess that I'm a Friendster addict. At least I am more sociable with my Internet time. Before Friendster existed, I usually just downloaded stuff of the Internet.

The thing that I really love about Friendster is the opportunity that I have in writing testimonials to others. That is where I put my creative writing to good use. The best thing about Friendster is that I get to receive testimonials from other people.


The word freedom is a word that is not correctly defined by many. The youth assert that freedom is a license to do anything they want to do. With the so-called freedom they possess, they will rebel against authority and do other misdemeanors.