The Power of Positive Affirmation

The greatest fulfillment that a teacher or communicator would have is that their lesson or message has made an impact in lives of their audience.

I'm encouraged by people who have echoed or quoted messages I've shared well after I've shared it to the audience. I'm amazed when students get to express their passion with what they've learnt and continue to learn more, beyond what I've taught them. I'm humbled when those same students ask me questions on things that they've learnt themselves, which serves as a constant reminder for me to learn without ceasing.

Despite my wacky and zany ways of delivery, they've retained what I've shared to them, and I get to finally realize that I actually make sense. Maybe they know how to separate the sense and senseless... :)

The power of positive affirmation is not only the greatest thing a teacher can receive, it is also the greatest thing that a teacher can give.

Dispensing knowledge without the heart is just like a teacher telling a student to read a few chapters from a textbook and the teacher expects the students to easily understand it. There's also a saying that states that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. I'm pretty sure I can pin point some teachers who have influenced me with their passions.

The eyes of encouragement is blind to one's faults and incapabilities and looks with joyful anticipation on one's potential and possibilities. Believe me, encouragement is like sauce of the spaghetti; the topping of the pizza; the dressing of the salad; and the ice of the frappuccino. Doesn't that encourage your taste buds and hunger?

Unleashing its power is not restricted in the institutions of education, but it's needed to brighten each others day, to bring hope in a depressed society, and to bring joy in a world drowned with sadness. It shatters ones misunderstandings, doubts, and fears that has been encased with silence. Like the trampled walls of Berlin, it simply liberates.

Go out and positively affirm to your hearts content!