Philippine Blog Explosion

Since yesterday, seven of my first degree Friendster friends have announced that they have blogs. I hope I get to see some blog entries in them. Is this be the sign of the mainstream Philippine blog explosion? This is the second wave of innovations that Friendster has launched to lure more registrations. My friends have properly configured their blogs, so they only lack the momentum to start writing an entry.

By the way, some people still ask what a blog is. It is an abbreviation of Weblog. In other words, it is a web journal/diary. It ain't a new technology, it's just a convenient method to publish websites without knowledge of creating web pages. Some of you might know my previous website. It technically is a blog, but I programmed that from scratch. Knowing me, I'd like to do my own stuff so that I would go against mainstream. Many of you wouldn't need to take that much effort to do some programming.

Some have concerns that you may be an open book. All I can say is that you get to decide on what you want to reveal. A definite advantage of regularly blogging in pure english is an improvement of your vocabulary. For those call center guys, this is a good advice.

Hope this triggers the start of your own blogs!