Personality-Driven Politics

Discovering that people read my blog entries, I'd like to recant a statement I made last time. To put it bluntly, I will not go to New Zealand. It was just a mere thought that passed me by, knowing very well that moving to another country ain't going to help.

If I can succeed in a country that has a leader that I don't have confidence or favor in, I can succeed anywhere. It's pretty tough to follow someone just because you have to follow someone just because it is duly mandated by law.

Despite of that, I am grateful of the government. Our family wouldn't have gone overseas because of the government. The government subsidized ALL the education of our family. They also subsidized my dengue hospitalization.

What really stinks is not the institution, but some of the personalities that lead it. Personality-driven politics is just mere child's play, constantly switching fences. If there will be parliament and it won't be principle-driven like parties in America, we'd just have the same crap like we did before.

I met a high-school friend late in the evening and was hanging out near the front of my house. He was smoking there and decided not to go to his call center shift that night. We got to talk and he also got to share the same sentiments on what is happening with our country. I noticed that in that short span of time, he consumed his third cigarette stick. It's a picture of how depressing it can be, but we have to simply decide to push for our goals and dreams and we should never allow anyone to snatch it from us.