The Genuine Goatee

I had a chance to browse through a book we gave our workmate as a birthday gift entitled The Man's Book: The Indispensable Guide for the Modern Man by Thomas Fink. I managed to notice the section on beard types. Fink's source for the beards was the Yale University November Beard Club and it doesn't mention the year of release.

At this time of writing, I was trying to grow a goatee and I was surprised how the beard club defines a goatee.

What kind of a goatee is that? It looks like the persons tongue is sticking out. This is crazy. Must have been a crazy practice by a tribe in the Anglo-Saxon ages called the British.

I look at the other beards hoping that my beard has a formal name. I was in for a big surprise.

If that is a petite goatee, thus mine is a micro goatee.

Now that is a look of a modern man. It sure beats any kind of goatee, any day. Not all inventions and ideas from the Western civilization are civilized.


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