The word freedom is a word that is not correctly defined by many. The youth assert that freedom is a license to do anything they want to do. With the so-called freedom they possess, they will rebel against authority and do other misdemeanors.

What is freedom? Freedom is a state of being free. It's what I call a FREE DOMain. A domain wherein you are who you were created to be. It is a world that lets other be free also. A person living in freedom is a person that is doing what their real purpose in life is. If feelings of guilt, shame, fear, and anxiety are the servants of their "kingdom", then the "king's" kingdom is not living in freedom. Negative attitudes hinder our true potential of who we really are.

How do we deal with it? We must first be convinced that the freedom we have in living our lives is not adequate. We must also consider that the real freedom we are striving for is not free. A state of freedom is never free. It always has to be fought for until the bitter end.