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The Real 2K11 Basketball Experience

Instead of the usual Friday night where I chill out at home, I spent my time playing basketball with my office mates in Dumlao Gym in Mandaluyong City last January 21, 2011. Dumlao Gym is an old gym with its glory days preserved in displays filled with cobwebs. A great thing about the gym is that the flooring seems to be wooden. I forgot the last time I did play basketball. Five years would be a conservative guess.

Destiny Makati 1st Anniversary

It was a early Sunday morning of March 1, 2009 for me as I prepared for praise and worship for Destiny Makati's first anniversary. The venue was ironically held in Pateros, but the favor from the people of Grand Villa Resort was given to us. The venue was a great one. The resort was one jeepney ride away from Guadalupe, Makati.

The Genuine Goatee

I had a chance to browse through a book we gave our workmate as a birthday gift entitled The Man's Book: The Indispensable Guide for the Modern Man by Thomas Fink. I managed to notice the section on beard types. Fink's source for the beards was the Yale University November Beard Club and it doesn't mention the year of release.

Gift Appreciation

After you come back from a leave, you are expected to bring gifts to your workmates. After all, they did cover for you in some way. It is challenging to find gifts for them. I'm not the person who brings something like a fridge magnet or a key chain. I want something unique from the place that I came from.

I'm Happy for You Man...

It's great to here something like this from a friend. If I wanted to amplify that statement, I would say:

  • Thanks for letting me know what's happening...
  • Thanks for sharing the experience with me...

The Power of Positive Affirmation

The greatest fulfillment that a teacher or communicator would have is that their lesson or message has made an impact in lives of their audience.

I'm encouraged by people who have echoed or quoted messages I've shared well after I've shared it to the audience. I'm amazed when students get to express their passion with what they've learnt and continue to learn more, beyond what I've taught them. I'm humbled when those same students ask me questions on things that they've learnt themselves, which serves as a constant reminder for me to learn without ceasing.

Hasty Generalization?

Observe the next question someone asks you that can be answered with a yes or a no. My presumption is that the "yes" answer is the assumption of the one who asked you the question. Correct me if I'm wrong...
The last question of that type that was asked to me was, "Are you married?" Yikes... Uh-oh.... He could have asked "Are you single?"... Man...

Personality-Driven Politics

Discovering that people read my blog entries, I'd like to recant a statement I made last time. To put it bluntly, I will not go to New Zealand. It was just a mere thought that passed me by, knowing very well that moving to another country ain't going to help.

If I can succeed in a country that has a leader that I don't have confidence or favor in, I can succeed anywhere. It's pretty tough to follow someone just because you have to follow someone just because it is duly mandated by law.

The Value of the Price

Here's a question for you... If you had a new product, which of the following would you do?

a.) Sell your new product at a discount so it generates trial
b.) Sell it at the normal price at the beginning

A Friendster Blog Tip

Have you ever wondered who among your first degree friends have blogs? Unless you have all the time to visit all of your friends one-by-one, there is a better way to find it out.

See the links bar below your Friendster logo on the upper right of your profile?

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