All About JoRap

This section is all about me and what I'm going through. There will be times I will look back at my past and there will be times I will look ahead and let my goals and plans age and simmer.

A Sign of Things to Come

Do you always feel that God is sending a message to you? Our faithless minds would always ask "God, please give me a sign if it's true". That's "old school" my dear readers... our instinct and minds are better than that. The "new school" is that you'll just know. There wouldn't be a shadow of a doubt. God has been telling me that I'll be working with deaf and mute people in the future.

The Teacher In Me

How do you know you are doing something you really love to do?

  • Time just passes by so quickly.
  • After finishing the task, it energizes you.
  • It brings you a refreshing feeling afterwards.
  • You'd never want to let the feeling stop.

I can't remember the last I time felt that until this week. These are the hours that I cherish as a teacher.

Digging Up the Wells

It has been a very long time since my last entry. Honestly, I have been state of despair and depression. I was in a state of writer's block. A writer who has nothing to write is like a blind man in a maze.

I was inspired to write because I was not inspired! Pretty ironic but its true. It seemed like I was knocked down and I was given the eight count. What inspired me to stand up and continue the slug fest? I just needed to find my inspiration.

After Six Long Years

I really have a poor memory of the past. I really don't know why. I could say that the JoRap that is typing this article is not the same JoRap six years ago.

For the Love of the Game

People have their opinions. They have the freedom to express them. The problem is that some opinions are baseless and serve as a scapegoat for their inadequacies. It's a cover-up of what the true story is. It is criminal to broadcast it to others who shouldn't need to hear it. Speaking with true conviction is very different from saying things that are harsh, unfair and without proper evidence.

Things People Do Behind Teachers' Back

The nice thing about career talks is that I get to see nice quotations posted along the walls of the high school. I'd like to quote a nice one I saw:

"The hardest job students have to face today is learning good manners without seeing any."

A very nice quote indeed.