All About JoRap

This section is all about me and what I'm going through. There will be times I will look back at my past and there will be times I will look ahead and let my goals and plans age and simmer.

Thanks For Your Prayers and Support

I would like to thank the people who have prayed for my dad for the last month. He's finally back to work today.

Just in case you don't know, my dad has undergone an angioplasty, which is the same surgery to be done to Norberto Gonzales, who is the Philippine National Security Adviser. Angioplasty sounds like a plastic surgery or a dental procedure, but actually is something that is more complicated than that.

Tummy Tuck Teaching

A unusual observation that my officemate mentioned while I was doing my presentation... My stomach is very slim while I present... I wish I could present more often, though it scares me that someone is making observations on my lower extremities during my presentation instead of my upper regions...

School Days - Preschool

I'll have a series entitled "School Days". For the next blog entries, I'll tell you how education has formed me as an individual. It goes against my forward thinking, but I feel that I need to assess myself and consider how mind has developed into what it is today. I'm just letting my history remind myself to avoid future mistakes.

In the future entries, you'll get to discover key moments that has formed my passions, and my frustrations.

School Days - Prelude - Elementary

I just couldn't resist to place another entry.

What was very interesting during this phase is that I got a taste of education from different worlds, namely:

  • a Philippine Catholic school (Lourdes School of Mandaluyong);

  • an Australian Public school (Randwick School); and

  • an Australian Catholic school (St Brigid's).

The Search for Zeta-Jones Jr.

I was asked in a group discussion which foreign female actress I liked. After hearing the answers from the others, I simply mentioned the first actress I had on my mind.
Without hesitation, I would answer Catherine Zeta-Jones. Just look at her... She's definitely lives up to the title of "silver screen goddess". It's simply her face and her long black hair. It's basically the classic beauty she has been endowed with. Comparing my answer to the others, my choice would definitely be the mom of all of the other choices of the other guys. For crying out loud, she's 36 years old. No offense to Catherine, but for me that answer is a cause for concern.

Better Than "My Sassy Girl"?

Someone presented to me a movie that claims to be better than the Korean romantic-comedy that I've been madly raving about, entitled "My Sassy Girl". I know that nothing hasn't beaten it yet, but I had to check it out...

"My Sassy Girl" - Tagalog Version

Drifting away from all the angst I've muttered in the last post, I'd like to recommend a movie, just to lighten up my mood. It's very rare that I recommend a movie, especially if I have personally deprived myself of Titanic, Star Wars 1 - 6, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Spiderman 1 and 2, and the like. It's a Korean movie that has been dubbed in Tagalog, entitled, "My Sassy Girl". I predict that it'll be a hit.

Seeking for Greener Pastures

I have been blessed with a childhood, having experienced it in the land down under. It has given me the confidence (and overconfidence) for me to have a positive outlook in life. After all, I have tasted the "relative" utopia, that is called Australia, "The Great South Land".
Sometimes, I feel despair whenever I hear the news here at my homeland that the taxes will be fully implemented, the prices for basic commodities go up, the president apologizes for not admitting the truth. Honestly, I just cover the despair with indifference and try to go on with life.

Snail Mail Greetings

When was the last time someone sent you a real greeting card? My relative Ann paid 1.45 Canadian dollars last April 15 at 1:06pm, maybe just after her lunch break ready to go back to her work, to tell me that she's glad that I recovered from dengue. How slow was the mail? I got it on the 20th, five days, so it's not really that slow after all. Thanks Ann!

After A Year Has Gone

I'm happy to say that I've completed a year of being a teacher. I can say that I've learnt a lot to say that teaching has been a great experience. The big question is that if I can sustain the same passion that I had a year ago. I can still say with joy that I have no regrets in my decision.