All About JoRap

This section is all about me and what I'm going through. There will be times I will look back at my past and there will be times I will look ahead and let my goals and plans age and simmer.

ADB One Year Anniversary

I am very grateful to celebrate my first year anniversary of being an I.T. Training Consultant at Asian Development Bank. This has been the greatest consolation that my former boss has given after he left the Philippines.

A Night With MYMP

I went to the concert of MYMP at 19 East with my friends last May 28, 2007. I loved the nice, intimate atmosphere where I'm sitting down and there is no huge crowd to worry about. It was great because we were at the front row, only a few meters away from the band.

Christmas Flashback

My past two Christmas seasons, like "My Sassy Girl - Tagalog Version", was abysmal and horrible. I'd like to share it to you.

She's All Mine!

After the abysmal box office performance of the Tagalog version, I'm happy to say that "My Sassy Girl" is all mine to savor as the best movie ever!
I never watched it in the cinema. I was content with the English subtitles. Thank God for subtitles!
My Sassy Girl rules! :D

Behind the Name

I stumbled upon this nice site explaining the meaning of your name. It's at It's perfect for those who are finding an appropriate name for their son or daughter.

I got to check my what my name means and I got: "GOD has given". I won't even bother to analyze the relevance of the tense but somehow, I'm living up to my name...

Testimonials to the Testimonials

Testimonials was once the reason why Friendster is the biggest rage. Friendster has added other features to make it more, customizable. I dedicate this portion to testify about my friends testimonials.

Who is a Friend?

How do thy know a friend? Let me count the ways...

  • A friend accepts who you are
  • A friend doesn't irritate you
  • A friend encourages you

Hmmm... I think three is enough to get the message across. Now when I consider these three things, it would be safe to say that some people who think I'm still a friend to them better get whacked with a keyboard and wake up to reality.
If you are a friend of mine, I'll be keeping in touch with you just in case you get offended with this blog entry.

Lookin' Forward to '06

I must say, '05 couldn't end on such a high note. My friends know what kind on ups and downs I have experienced this year, but when I look at it, the ups really became ups after experiencing the downs.

Cebu Trip

Last month, I had an opportunity to go to Cebu. Even though I only stayed there for 2 days and 1 night, I had a very nice time. It made me temporarily forget the trip pass privilege from my previous employer...

Speaking in Dollars

I recently had an opportunity to meet and help a high school friend. It really helps if you have kept the same cellphone number through all the years.

She recalls the we were included in a distinguished class of four students who spoke in fluent English. Typically, we were branded as members of the affluent and unreachable society. People would really want to bring us to the true Filipino mold, forcing us to speak in usual Tagalog.