Testimonials to the Testimonials

Testimonials was once the reason why Friendster is the biggest rage. Friendster has added other features to make it more, customizable. I dedicate this portion to testify about my friends testimonials.

Joel: "a fellow who puts sense in everything he does (I MEAN EVERYTHING)"

- Joel, that is certainly correct. Even the things that don't make sense are perfect candidates for my sense makeover.

Jay-Ar: "he has an overgrown brain then mix it up with familiarity of joke..there u have it jonathan, a mild force of nature that speaks with pc language..."

"he always starts up topic thats so very serious but his funny and always says something, even so odd u dont wanna hear it..."

- It goes to show that I've been trying to shy away from being uptight way before my college days. I must disagree about my comic genius though... With regards to the Celine Dion vs. Mariah Carey debate, I must say I'm the Mariah fan... she can still dish out Billboard hits until now even after glorious decade...

Patrick: "the first time I met this guy he looks stikingly just like Mike Enriques..."

"he looks so bloody mature my former classmate in college mistook him for my father..."

- Apart from my glasses, I don't look like Mike... but the second statement is so true...

Eva: "sobrang patient nyan sa kin..kahit torete na tenga nya sa mga kwento ko, kuya ko parin sya... (he is very patient with me.. even though his ears become like a trumpet (?) with my stories, he is still my elder brother...)"

- I really don't know why I put up with her, but I do miss those times. I thought I got to see her in a jeepney, it was a funny event but I managed to nonchalantly ignore the Eva look-a-like throughout the journey. I wish I could see her sometime...

Ven: "wild and free kasi (because) you can expect him to do most people in their right mind would not (remember adlib. u scared me)..."

- Uhm, I was in my right mind at adlib, and I found enough sense to execute the stunt, but I will never ever do that again. Just in case you don't know the stunt that I did, I was dancing with my birthday suit with a towel...

Thanks for the testimonials, I just wish I would receive more.