The Teacher In Me

How do you know you are doing something you really love to do?

  • Time just passes by so quickly.
  • After finishing the task, it energizes you.
  • It brings you a refreshing feeling afterwards.
  • You'd never want to let the feeling stop.

I can't remember the last I time felt that until this week. These are the hours that I cherish as a teacher.

I have also made observations on my teaching.

  • My patience is still under development.
  • Less students means less stress.
  • I teach in detail.
  • I love creating diagrams.
  • I am spontaneous in my delivery.
  • I love using the white board.
  • I write a lot on the white board.
  • I like students asking questions that makes me stop and think for a while.

I hope the teacher in me grows more. I'm happy that I'm a work in progress.