A Sign of Things to Come

Do you always feel that God is sending a message to you? Our faithless minds would always ask "God, please give me a sign if it's true". That's "old school" my dear readers... our instinct and minds are better than that. The "new school" is that you'll just know. There wouldn't be a shadow of a doubt. God has been telling me that I'll be working with deaf and mute people in the future.

How did I know? Simple. I have just witnessed simple events that would be enough for me to conclude that it is so. I will be constantly reminded for sure. I have seen three occasions wherein I witnessed the groups of people communicating using sign language. The first would be outside the US Embassy in Manila. The group of deaf people wear assisted by an interpreter.

The second was one Saturday afternoon. I was going home and I witnessed a couple signing. The third, which was yesterday when I was going home, was a young pair. Even my favorite television character knows how to sign! Gil Grissom of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", had to take over a case because his subordinates couldn't interview a possible lead to the murder of a deaf kid. The lead, who was the headmistress of the deaf school that the kid attended, was offended because Grissom's subordinates brought an interpreter with them. The headmistress trusted Grissom because he had signed to her from the beginning. Grissom eventually solved the case and found out that the victim was killed because the murderers didn't realize that their victim was deaf.

It's the common issue of our society: Misunderstanding. Misunderstanding has caused wars and bitter rivalries the are rooted in peoples hearts. I'm also aware of their potential even if it goes against their natural abilities.

Did you know that a mute has won an Oscar? Marlee Matlin won best supporting actress for the movie, "Children of a Lesser God". I believe mute can work better because they won't be distracted aurally. I've got pieces of a puzzle. I hope I find more pieces and this will be revealed in due time.