Seeking for Greener Pastures

I have been blessed with a childhood, having experienced it in the land down under. It has given me the confidence (and overconfidence) for me to have a positive outlook in life. After all, I have tasted the "relative" utopia, that is called Australia, "The Great South Land".
Sometimes, I feel despair whenever I hear the news here at my homeland that the taxes will be fully implemented, the prices for basic commodities go up, the president apologizes for not admitting the truth. Honestly, I just cover the despair with indifference and try to go on with life.

I have been told by others that I should go overseas. Knowing that I'm single, and my potential upside, I have the chance of making it back to the "relative" utopia. I seem to have forgotten many of my childhood memories, but one thing I know, with those seven years, it has given me a better mindset and focus when I returned to my motherland.
Would I want another clean slate in life? I have experience way too many of them. I still have the martyr tendencies in sticking it out here at home. If I can suceed at my homeland, I can succeed anywhere.
New Zealand has been bugging my mind. Comparing the cost of living and the income, it beats US, Canada and my "relative" utopia. It just might be the land that would renew my zeal. Maybe two year of living there would be the glimmer of hope I need to face the challenges back at home. Let's test if Informatics is really globally recognized.