The Search for Zeta-Jones Jr.

I was asked in a group discussion which foreign female actress I liked. After hearing the answers from the others, I simply mentioned the first actress I had on my mind.
Without hesitation, I would answer Catherine Zeta-Jones. Just look at her... She's definitely lives up to the title of "silver screen goddess". It's simply her face and her long black hair. It's basically the classic beauty she has been endowed with. Comparing my answer to the others, my choice would definitely be the mom of all of the other choices of the other guys. For crying out loud, she's 36 years old. No offense to Catherine, but for me that answer is a cause for concern.

If I placed even more thought to it, my next answer would be Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls. My gosh! She's 2 years older that Catherine Zeta-Jones!!! Her role in Gilmore Girls is a mom and I have to say that I like her more than the daughter in the show. No offense also to Lauren, but for me that answer is a cause for concern. I really don't know why I'm captivated with older women... Somehow I need to offset my way-too-mature-to-the-point- I-get-to-be-mistaken-to-be-a-father-of-an-high-school- friend-of-mine look (Talk about toying around with the english language!)
There must be someone who has that same classic beauty in Asia. There has to be... The challenge is that she must be younger than me... Care to guess?
Many of you may say it has to be the Sassy Girl. Jun Ji-Hyun, born October 30, 1981. Four months younger. Sad to say she doesn't pass the classic beauty test. Sassiness doesn't count in the classic beauty test. Nice try though...
IzaI finally stumbled upon the answer upon going home from work in an aircon bus. The first question I asked was who is girl from "Encantadia"? She certainly passes the classic beauty test and she's 23. It's Iza Calzado. I can honestly say she's the Philippine Catherine Zeta-Jones of my generation. You can certainly agree that Heart Evangelista and Angel Locsin will never ever get a title like that from anyone's opinion. Case closed... I rest my case...