School Days - Preschool

I'll have a series entitled "School Days". For the next blog entries, I'll tell you how education has formed me as an individual. It goes against my forward thinking, but I feel that I need to assess myself and consider how mind has developed into what it is today. I'm just letting my history remind myself to avoid future mistakes.

In the future entries, you'll get to discover key moments that has formed my passions, and my frustrations.

Of course, I must start with my preschool days. I can only recall one moment. It was during merienda (afternoon snack) time and food was distributed in the classroom for the students to eat. I simply didn't have the nerve to eat. I was in no mood to eat.

I decided to bolt out of the classroom and run around the basketball court like a dog had just gotten free from the clutches of his leach. I got no idea how long I ran around the court. After that moment, the teacher pulled me inside the classroom and fed me my snack.

That moment clearly showed my "unconventional" tendencies. More on that tendency in future entries...

As I continue the series, I simply smile and say "That's why I'm like this..."