A Night With MYMP

I went to the concert of MYMP at 19 East with my friends last May 28, 2007. I loved the nice, intimate atmosphere where I'm sitting down and there is no huge crowd to worry about. It was great because we were at the front row, only a few meters away from the band.

I got to appreciate hearing them live as compared to hearing their recordings. I must say that their live band performance is great. It was the first time I heard them sing their version of Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", a U.S. Billboard #1 hit of the 80s. I was not aware that they had it on their latest album. I didn't like their album version because it didn't have enough drums like the original.

After their session, I got to get a pic with their lead singer, Juris Fernandez. Despite, their busy schedule, they still have time to perform gigs at an off-peak day (Monday), but I am sure that they are winning fans. I will get to feature it in the future in my blog section.

All the best to them and I hope to hear them dig up more great renditions of revivals!

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