For the Love of the Game

People have their opinions. They have the freedom to express them. The problem is that some opinions are baseless and serve as a scapegoat for their inadequacies. It's a cover-up of what the true story is. It is criminal to broadcast it to others who shouldn't need to hear it. Speaking with true conviction is very different from saying things that are harsh, unfair and without proper evidence.

After hearing reports from students coercing people not to trust the whole faculty at our school is down right humiliating. It's a slap to my face. They are taunting my passion and love to teach. Imagine if you were criticized harshly for doing something you are doing with dedication and desire. Those students must give clear-cut reasons why not to trust us!

I've always told people that I wanted to teach for the love of it. Like Michael Jordan, he played two more years for the love of the game. If my game includes vicious backstabbing... bring it on! I'll face the challenge. That makes the victory sweeter and my passion to burn deeper.