Lookin' Forward to '06

I must say, '05 couldn't end on such a high note. My friends know what kind on ups and downs I have experienced this year, but when I look at it, the ups really became ups after experiencing the downs.

I'm looking forward to a unpredictable '06 with some encouraging spiritual foresight from our Almighty:

  • I will start to have an ability to get to know new people without effort. This is a miracle!
  • God is preparing my future mate for me... Yippee! I'm not a celibate :)
  • There'll be a point in my life that I'll be so happy to the point that you can't see my eyes
  • I'll be plucking heavenly fruit in heaven in terms on songs written with my musical style and others will experience its goodness
  • I'm sure there'll be moments when I'll say, "God has done it again"

I thought nothing can beat 2005, but God has proven to me that I ain't see nothing yet! 2006, Here I come!