Julie Anne Rapusas: 2008 Endeavour Postgraduate Award Winner

It's with great pride to announce to the world that my sister has won a scholarship in Australia. She is one of the 94 chosen around the world to win the Endeavour Postgraduate Awards for 2008. She will be taking her Masters in the University of New South Wales, where our dad finished his Masters and PhD.

The picture above was taken during the early 1990's, when she was in elementary. When my sister and mom will arrive there at the beginning of 2008, I'm sure they'll take a picture there at the exact spot the second time around. My sister will be curious on how our childhood city has changed and it will certainly relive memories of the past.

Congratulations and I do hope I get to visit Sydney soon!



I am going to undertake postgraduate course from QUT, Brisbane. I'll be applying for the Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship award. I want a little help from you, and would be verythankful to you if you can please guide me how to complete the aplication.

I mean what are the criteriaon on which you are evaluated and how to create a successful application. Would be very thankful if you can help me.



I'm planning to apply for the 2010 endeavor postgraduate scholarship and I would like to know how you applied as well. The information for the scholarship in the website is helpful yet I don't know where to start.. I hope you would be able to help me.. thanks! :)

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