Car Pool

There are some perks in the job that are not included with your employer. In this case, the perk is technically from the client, who is an ADB full time staff. I only got to realize that this car pool exists after one year of service. Imagine, a car pool that picks me up in the morning to my workplace and brings me home, near the front of my doorstep!

The owner doesn't need to worry about color coding because she has a diplomatic plate. Parking is free because she gets to park inside ADB. If she's on leave, she makes sure that someone else will drive.

I'm amazed how she gets to drive to work without ever hearing her using the car horn. One time, we got stuck in traffic due to flooding last August 17, 2007. We were inside the car due to the traffic for six hours. Out of compassion, the passengers paid double for her efforts.

With this privilege, I have the peace of mind that I will be picked up and brought near my home. I wouldn't need to switch from one bus to another and I would feel safe, having energy to do other things at home. If I feel lazy to go to work I simply need to overcome laziness by making sure I join the car pool. The Toyota van is very spacious, especially when there are a few passengers going home. I can easily sneak a quick nap while going home.

I thank God for this blessing! These kinds of perks are very very rare!


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