Better Than "My Sassy Girl"?

Someone presented to me a movie that claims to be better than the Korean romantic-comedy that I've been madly raving about, entitled "My Sassy Girl". I know that nothing hasn't beaten it yet, but I had to check it out...

Well what do you know. It stars Jeon Ji-Hyun, the same actress in "My Sassy Girl". Both are directed by the same director. It is entitled "WindStruck", which has got nothing to do with Lovestruck... The old adage, "If you can't beat them, join them" rang a bell by trying the same formula that made "My Sassy Girl" a hit. Ji-Hyun is still her usual sassy self, and I just love that! With this movie, I began to like her even more. I'm looking forward to her other sassy roles.
Now the ultimate question. Did it beat "My Sassy Girl" as my all time favorite love story? A definite no. Why? "My Sassy Girl" is a better story, but "WindStruck" is not a let-down. I'm convinced that asians can really make movies with good plots.