Around Ten Years Ago

I attended the inaugural UPLB Students of Destiny / Students for Christ Alumni Homecoming coinciding with the UP Centennial year. As expected, I was going to see a photo collage of pictures through all the years. I do hope I don't get to see myself in any of them.

Unfortunately, I did see myself but the great thing was I was doing something that I love doing and that is to sing. Specifically, I was backup singing. This picture was taken during he late 90's, between 1997 to 1999. The photographer obviously chose me as the subject.

Who can't help but notice my vertical brown-striped long sleeve shirt? Was my shirt way ahead of its time? When I went back to work the following EDSA Anniversary work day monday, I wore it at work. The proof is in the picture! The shirt still fits!

Now regarding the white slacks, I'd be asking too much if they fit after ten years!


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