ADB One Year Anniversary

I am very grateful to celebrate my first year anniversary of being an I.T. Training Consultant at Asian Development Bank. This has been the greatest consolation that my former boss has given after he left the Philippines.

Knowing that I have made solid contributions to improve processes, I can say that this year has been a very fruitful and productive year. The environment is a mix of many nationalities from Asia, Europe and the Pacific.

Major highlights in my one year are as follows:

  • Improvement of the Management Information System of their Training Department, which was integrated to their website - This project made the web teams' lives easier, by automating the update of the website
  • Conducted Adobe InDesign CS2 training - I also got to learn how to create my own publications
  • Training via VideoConference - It is a very new experience by teaching students that are miles away
  • Voice-Over Sessions - I got to become the official voice of the team for the e-Learning modules we create
  • Revised the Pre and Post Training Evaluation Site - Which will become the digital hub for the classroom training

I'm very fortunate to be in a great situation where I can think out of the box and do things that are unconvential.

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