27 Years Young

Birthdays are great. It's a time to just stop and be thankful for the year that I went through. I must stress that you simply don't pass by a year, you actually go through it. Maybe that is why there are rough times to go through. That is why rough is in the word through. Before my melancholy gets the best of me, I would truly like to thank these people.

  • My Family: Thanks again for your patience. I would like to take the road less travelled. It seems that it is going nowhere, but if I don't try it I cannot say that I have tried and gave it my all. There's always a detour to the road of mediocrity every step of the way.
  • Informatics ADB team: This is the best team I have worked with. Two years working with you is a testament to that fact.
  • ADB Las Pinas Carpool: Thank you! Spending time in the van makes you feel the traffic just passes you by.
  • My close friends: You certainly know who you are. All the times I spent with you personally in those moments are precious.
  • Destiny Alabang: Thanks for the support!
  • Lord Jesus Christ: You give me Your wings. You give my Your strength. You give me Your plans. You have been gracious to me. You make life beautiful. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

On a lighter note, this is how I've celebrated my birthday:

  • My birthday gift: I actually bought my birthday gift in advance. It's the Nikon D40 which is digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera. I love it!
  • My website: If you're a frequent visitor you'd obviously notice it. It two me around two weeks to redesign my site. The first hour of my 27th year was spent to finalize the look and to write this article.
  • Parties: I already celebrated at work on Friday the 13th with a cake. I'm sure there will be more.
  • Thanking you for your greetings: A comment below or a text message is appreciated. Gifts would be much better!

God Bless!


Happy Birthday Kuya! :)

hey happy birthday!!! God bless....

happy birthday!

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