All About JoRap

This section is all about me and what I'm going through. There will be times I will look back at my past and there will be times I will look ahead and let my goals and plans age and simmer.

Staying in Tune: My 28th Year

What do you usually see in my hand? Most likely you will see me with a computer keyboard. There are times you will see me with my camera or a guitar. When I commute, expect me to listen to my iPod. My workmates usually see me with my badminton racket after work. I expect that they are working properly in order for me to perform and succeed.

27 Years Young

Birthdays are great. It's a time to just stop and be thankful for the year that I went through. I must stress that you simply don't pass by a year, you actually go through it. Maybe that is why there are rough times to go through. That is why rough is in the word through. Before my melancholy gets the best of me, I would truly like to thank these people.

Car Pool Highlights for 2008

With all of the extreme weather conditions here in the Philippines, I am so grateful that I don't expose myself to these elements and I just witness it all in our carpool.

Julie Anne Rapusas: 2008 Endeavour Postgraduate Award Winner

It's with great pride to announce to the world that my sister has won a scholarship in Australia. She is one of the 94 chosen around the world to win the Endeavour Postgraduate Awards for 2008. She will be taking her Masters in the University of New South Wales, where our dad finished his Masters and PhD.

Training on Regional Economic and Financial Monitoring

When I graduated from college, I never imagined I was going to be training in an environment like this. You have LCD laptops, projector, foreign participants, and a world-class auditorium. It is light years away from the chalk, blackboard, undergraduates and an arcane wooden classroom that was available from my alma mater, where I wanted to start my teaching profession. That is why I call myself a trainer and not a teacher.

Car Pool

There are some perks in the job that are not included with your employer. In this case, the perk is technically from the client, who is an ADB full time staff. I only got to realize that this car pool exists after one year of service. Imagine, a car pool that picks me up in the morning to my workplace and brings me home, near the front of my doorstep!

Lunch Break Nap

Here I am taking a nap during lunch. Thirty minutes is needed to recharge myself for the last four hours of my work day.